Ghost hunters ‘hear cries for help’ from ‘spectre of young girl in white dress’

Ghost hunters believe they can hear cries for help from the ‘spectre of a young girl in a white dress’.

Video made of a ghost hunt along the old Liverpool Loop Line, known locally as the Ralla, has been creeping out viewers.

It follows two men, Chris Cummings and Adam Billing, as they take a walk along the Ralla in the dead of night in May.

The video, which has been posted by YouTube channel Ghost Quest TV made by Ben Niall Productions, retraces Chris’ walk he took as a child 30 years ago during which he believes he saw the spectre of a young girl.

He’s not the only one claims to have seen an apparition, the Liverpool Echo reports.

As the pair were filming in the area the morning before their ghost walk, they chanced upon a dog-walker who also claims to have seen the ‘girl’.

The man describes her as having long hair and wearing a white, “puffy” dress which Chris thinks is the same dress he saw ‘the girl’ wearing all those years ago.

As well as seeing the apparent ghost, the dog walker claimed he often hears crying noises when he’s walking down the same footpath.

Chris and Adam recreate the childhood walk and things start to take on a serious Blair Witch vibe as they illuminate their steps by torchlight and point their camera into the blackness of the surrounding woodland.

As they continue to walk, they think something close among the trees is accompanying them on their journey and they even claim to hear it growl as it moves past.

This prompts the pair to bring out a piece of technology called a spirit box – a device they say is tuned to pick out any paranormal activity from background noise.

This is when things start to take a seriously unsettling turn.

‘Ghostly’ voices crackle through the spirit box as the pair start to feel uneasy on the dark path.

The box continues to pick up sounds – they hear what they think is a person call out to “Adam” and in a small, childlike voice utter the single word “help”.

Chris calls out to who he thinks is ‘the little girl’ who he believes he saw all those years ago and asks if her if she is trying to communicate with them.

It’s then an older, deeper voice allegedly growls through the spirit box “be gone.”

The Ralla is a 10-mile path for walkers and cyclists along a disused railway line with a rich history.

Opened in 1879, the line branched off the Liverpool to Manchester line near Hunts Cross and looped back up around the city before finishing near the docks and connecting to the Southport line.

The Loop Line was abandoned in 1964 by British Rail and became derelict until 1986 when plans were drawn up for its conversion to a walking and cycling route.

The foot and cycle path now forms part of the award-winning Trans Pennine Trail.