‘Correct’ way to draw the letter X – and what it says about your personality

We learn how to write when we’re at primary school, but as we grow older we develop our own style rather than sticking to the strict cursive that our teachers taught us.

But it turns out that the way in which we form letters actually says a lot about your personality – especially the letter X.

In school we’re taught to draw the letter X from the top left hand side moving diagonally down to the right, and then from the top right to the bottom left.

Handwriting analyst Kathi McKnight for Oprah magazine, considers this the “right” way to draw the letter X and explains that the way in which you draw the two diagonal lines reflects who you are as a person.

For reference, the colour line in the graphic represents the first stroke and the black line is the second.

  1. Stuck in the past
    Kathi says that if you draw your X with two reverse strokes then you’re stuck in the past.

And whilst you may want to move forwards, you often find that you can’t.

  1. You’re running from something
    If both lines are drawn moving forwards – but start in reverse – from the bottom left, then bottom right then you want to escape your past.

Similarly to number 1, you have a strong desire to move out of your past, but it still has its grip on you.

  1. You like to rebel
    If you draw an X using reversed strokes, starting from the top right, then you’re a bit of a rebel.

Rather than fitting in with the crowd, you prefer to stand out, and actually enjoy not conforming.

Yet, there’s no particular reason why you tend to stray from the norms.

  1. Focused on the future
    Kathi says that this method, drawing the second stroke normally – top right to bottom left – means you try to focus on the future.

However, a part of you is inclined to move backwards.

She compares this to driving whilst only looking through the rearview mirror.

  1. Live by your own rules
    Kathi says that if you draw the first half of the letter “correctly” – from top right to bottom left – but the second stroke drawn from bottom left to top right in reverse you’re very independent.

She also said that you like to live by your own rule book.

  1. Trendsetter
    Those who draw their X from the bottom left and out of order set the tone for others.

You’re a trendsetter, and you own it.

  1. You like order
    The most common way to draw an X is with the first stroke starting at the top left hand side of the page, moving diagonally to the bottom right – this is the way you were most likely taught in school.

But not only does Kathi say this is the norm, but the “right” and “balanced” way.

She explained that when writing we move from left to right, and when we start writing a letter we start at the left and move to the right, so anything other than this is considered rebellious.

Therefore it suggests that you like sticking to the norm and value order.

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  1. Think outside the box
    This option is incredibly similar to number seven, but instead of starting at the top left you start from the top right.

Kathi says this means you’re creative, and that you like to think outside of the box.

How do you draw the letter X? Did Kathi hit the nail on the head?